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El Gato Caballero // by Denis Sazhin / Iconka

El Gato Caballero


While I sleep Catch my dreams In your soft embrace And let them fall gently Covering me with infinite grace While I sleep Carry my dreams To the moon and far above In the howl and heart of a wolf With peace and love. Wolf-Dreams Of Peace prose by Carol C

AMEN! Wusses kill without any cause at all.

Killing a wild animal in defense of either you or crops or what have you or for the ONLY means of food is one thing. Killing for "fun" even if you eat it, it is disgusting!

☆ You Could Never Tame :¦: By Heather (Schumacher) Meuser ☆

What if they were wolves until the full moon and were men for three days? 'You Could Never Tame' by Novawuff on deviantART.

By Artist Unknown...

Fantasia~female~is friendly,caring,kind,strong,and loves pups. Power: can make it snow when she wants~no mate or pups but would love a family

"Moon Mates"  by Christy "Goldenwolf" Grandjean Watercolor and Colored Pencil on 9" X 6.2" Mixed Media paper. 2012. Prints and Merchandise available: http://www.goldenwolfen.com/site/?wpsc_product_category=wildlife

Moon Mates by Goldenwolf on DeviantArt Traditional Art / Mixed Media / Animals & Goldenwolf Two lupine lovers rendezvous under a rising full moon, reaffirming their life-long bonds with each other.

Galaxy wolf: Wolves N Indians Eagles, Art Earth, Spirit Animal, Wolves Art

To everyone Sky is a normal teenage girl who doesn't take shit from no one. She is a full-blooded werewolf.

Bam! Purple eyes X3

BLACK WOLF with blue eyes, a striking animal rarely seen here in the Celtic garden

I am the flower wolf

Lucivar/M/Black Cliffs Pack/Illusion/Brother to Spectra, Son of Aradia/mate to Lorelei, Father of Shadow, Xaos.