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She was such a talented person. It's such a shame that there's never gonna be any more music from her.

When Something Goes wrong in your life just yell plot twist and move on How To…

Hijacked by the once upon a time fandom <-- I feel like the spn fandom is laughing at how cute their little stamp thing is because they don't even need a stamp, people just KNOW

Teen Wolf, Derek and sassy uncle Peter this has got to be one of the greatest scenes ever.

≈Merlin≈ perhaps brings me the most amusement of any television character in the history of...well...television.

Nigahiga! Love his YouTube channel! Never saw the channel but my kind of humor

The Vampire Diaries season 5. Caroline does have a thing for vampires with accents. I love Enzo

Harry Potter and the half blood prince<<<<--- one of my favorite parts out of all the movies!!

True facts => One of the many examples of why the show is 5,000 times better if you've read the original stories.