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Ties that bind: Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and President John F. Kennedy, known as Mac and Jack, forged a personal friendship from the very beginning. They first met in Key West FL in March 1961. "I feel at home with him because I can share my loneliness with him. The others are all foreigners to me" Kennedy told the London Sunday Times.

Harold Pinter's Party Time :: <P>‘All you have do is shut up and enjoy the hospitality.’ Terry</P> <P><STRONG>Harold Pinter</STRONG>’s <I>Party Time<STRONG> </STRONG></I>(1991) is an extraordinary distillation of the playwright’s key concerns. Pulsing with political anger, it marks a stepping stone on Pinter’s path from iconic dramatist of existential unease to Nobel Prize-winning poet of human rights. </P> <P></P> <P>G. D. White situates this underrated play within a recognisably ...

Bretton Woods system - Wikipedia The political basis for the Bretton Woods system was in the confluence of two key conditions: the shared experiences of two World Wars, with the sense that failure to deal with economic problems after the first war had led to the second; and the concentration of power in a small number of states.

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Mandy Rice-Davies, Profumo affair model, dies aged 70

Key figure in scandal that rocked Harold Macmillan’s Tory government in the 1960s dies after cancer battle Mandy Rice-Davies, famous for her role in the 1960s Profumo affair that almost toppled the British government in 1963, has died at the age of 70.


What happened to Margaret Thatcher's first Right to Buy council house?

What happened to Margaret Thatcher's first Right to Buy council house? One of the first council houses sold under Margaret Thatcher’s Right To Buy scheme was purchased for more than 20 times its original value 33 years later: Mrs Thatcher handing over the keys of 39 Amersham Road to its new owners

April 12, 1983: Harold Washington elected. The City of Chicago has its first black mayor. Washington was inaugurated on April 29, 1983.


What Germany Can Teach the U.S. About Vocational Education

U.S. business and political leaders should learn from the German approach and invest in creating and supporting a German-style vocational education system.

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Obama’s silence on death of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene comes under fire