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Artworks by Vincent van Gogh on display in the Noordbrabants Museum in #Hertogenbosch. #travel #Netherlands #Holland #Brabant #museums #art #Noordbrabantsmuseum #VanGogh125 #VanGogh2015

Flying from or to Eindhoven Airport this summer? Since last week all passengers landing at the airport will be greeted by a huge display of Vincent van Gogh. Texts on the Van Gogh wall detail the locations where Van Gogh lived and worked. Additional reference is made to Noordbrabants Museum and our own Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam.

Vormgevers ontmoeten van Gogh in het Noordbrabants Museum. Van 24 januari tot en met 26 april.

Vincent van Gogh Painting, Oil on Canvas Nuenen: November, 1884 Noordbrabants Museum Den Bosch, The Netherlands, Europe

VAN GOGH EUROPE 2015 Activities will be organised throughout the year in various places: the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the KrollerMullerMuseum in Otterlo, the North Brabant Museum (Het Noordbrabants Museum) in 's-Hertogenbosch and the BAM (Museum of Fine Arts) in Mons, Cultural Capital of Europe in 2015."

Vincent van Gogh inspired many artists, including the English artist David Hockney. Het Noordbrabants Museum encapsulates this with pieces by Hockney from the impressive ‘Sammlung Würth’ collection. #visitholland #museums