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This weeks featured product is our horse grooming and care kit from Horse ETC. Make sure your horse is well kept with all the items that you will need to brush, wash and clean them with. Order your kit today by contacting our offices. #equestriangrooming #horsecare

This locally manufactured white grease contains chlorfenvinphos. It is a patch treatment for horses and cattle. To be applied thinly and evenly by means of a brush or gloved hand, into ears and onto bare patches where ticks tend to cluster. #horsecare #equesyriansports #horses

Equifox Electrolytes Gel provides you with an effective method to provide your horse with electrolytes, because it's a gel it becomes easy to apply to the pallet of the horse. #equestriansport #saddlery #equestriansupplies

When last was your horse Dewormed? Horse Etc stock a range of products that will ensure the best chance for the healthy life of your animal. Visit us today for a full range of equestrian and canine health care products. #equestriansport #lifestyle #animalhealth

Only 10 days of Christmas shopping left. Visit Horse Etc and get your horse, dog or cat a gift from our store. We stock a full range of Rogz leads, collars and toys. #festive #gifts #lifestyle

Dear valued Horse ETC customers, our landline is currently down due to a Telkom problem. We do apologize for any inconvenience, but in case of an emergency, please feel free to contact us via fax or email us at #equestrainsports #horsecare #ilovemypet

Everything you need for your equestrian sport or dog training can now be purchased online from Horse Etc. Simply visit our website at to check out the products and place your order. #ilovemypet #equestrian #lifestyle

Did you know that horses thrive on routine? Especially when it comes to eating. #lifestyle #horsefacts #equestriansports