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Netflix will premiere the six-episode second season of BBC drama series "The Fall" starring Gillian Anderson on Jan. 16, 2015, although not in all territories at first.

The Fall TV Series Stella Gibson, (played by gillian anderson)

Gillian Anderson Picture ( I'll Follow You Down)

First off, I liked Silk back in 2011, BEFORE it was cool. Secondly, where's Tom Hughes’ name on the front? I mean, I LOVE Natalie Dormer, but Nick Slade had a big part too. Thirdly, this artwork FAILS so much. It's clearly photo shopped (badly) and they stylised the title wrong. Plus, the first series wasn't outwardly labeled "series one." Just... fail. I'm happy the show’s coming to America; it'll be good for the fanbase. But, really guys? Also, why is Niamh the only one NOT in a black…

from the Guardian

Happy Valley: a dark police drama whose human touch transcends genre

Happy Valley TV Series, so good.

Technically not a crime series, but made by the same producers as the Killing and just as good.

Borgen is one of best TV series in recent years. An intelligent political drama with particularly strong female characters.

Broadchurch outstanding British 8 part television series. Tennant, Colman et al were fabulous. Really really good writing. The Brits deliver big time with their telly.

▶ Death Comes to Pemberley: Trailer - BBC One - YouTube