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Five Signs Your Car Battery Is Dead (or About To Die)

Convert a battery powered drill into a hand crank battery charger (without harming the drill) Using a welder you can repair that old work battery you use with your tools. By shocking the positive and negative ends of the ...

Sawhorse Plans

Woodworker: Brutha Tool Argyle, Illinois Hobbyist     Mr. Tool is disabled because of bad lungs but still enjoys woodworking and giving the projects such as these to his family. BE SURE TO VOTE ON THIS BELOW IF YOU LIKE IT!

A clever saw horse.

A Beginner's Guide to Leatherworking

Interested in learning leatherworking? Check out my series of beginner leatherworking tutorials! I go through everything you'll need to know to get started, and I've included loads of troubleshooting in case you run into problems.

The Tools You Need for Leatherwork

Answers to Bicycle Lathe Questions

Answers to Bicycle Lathe Questions - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Wet formed leather sheath tutorial that is pretty in-depth and well made (pg. 2)

How to make your own leather stamping tools