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i like my body | e.e. cummings

i like my body

I really enjoy reading ee cummings . I became a fan in high school in an American Literature class. ee cummings poetry was the first poetry.

great tattoo!

This is almost what I want-sans the red . Done at Metamorphosis in Winnipeg by Ivy Gowen. These are quotes about science, love, imagination, writing, strength and education.

David Beckham Celebrates the Holidays with a New H Campaign for His Bodywear Line

David Beckham Celebrates the Holidays with a New H&M Campaign for His Bodywear Line

Holiday Update–H&M looks to the holidays with a new David Beckham Bodywear campaign. Introducing new styles, a hooded robe, draw-string pants and additiona

justin timberlake he just melts in my mouth like carmel

Justin Timberlake is in some new movie . not sure if you heard. See also: Justin Timberlake Shows His SexyBack

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stranger4 Stranger in a Strange Land | Ben Hill by Greg Lotus

Stranger in a Strange Land

Styled by Grant Woolhead and photographed by Greg Lotus, Ben Hill might be a stranger in a strange land, but he is no stranger to luxury.

An special report: "It’s only a little menstrual blood!" | "Menstrala" is a growing art form, but many still express repulsion at the sight of a woman's period on canvas.

It’s only a little menstrual blood!

Artist Zanele Muholi’s “Ummeli” is a digital print on cotton rag of a digital collage of menstrual blood stains. (via blankprojects.