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Animal pictures of the week: 11 March 2016

Two western lowland gorillas almost came to blows over a jacket potato at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park in Devon. Silverback Pertinax - 33 years old and weighing-in at 172 kilos - and Kiondo, who is 13 and 186.5 kilos - beat their chests and bared their teeth as they displayed at each other during the squabble.

from Scary Mommy

Yes, Child Trumps Gorilla. Can’t Even Believe That Actually Needs To Be Said

#JusticeForHarambe, because we live in a world where we have more empathy for a gorilla than a human child.


Cincinnati gorilla killed after boy falls into zoo enclosure

Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo (5-29-2016) (Soooo Sad!!! ; (

from Mail Online

Meet the gentle giants of the mountains on the brink of extinction

Terrified: The war which has raged in the eastern DRC since the mid-90s meant the area was...