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The Hobbit

I keep imagining Kili taking me so hard that I couldnt walk for a week, the rest of the company have no idea its Kilis doing, they think I fell over. But Kili constantly gives a knowing smirk to me.

Aidan Turner...he's Irish, but shhhh.

Eoin Macken

Aidan Turner: The Being Human TV star also had a role in The Hobbit. Love his long locks and mischievous smile!

#1245 Fili and Kili come across me bathing in a mystic pool. They take my clothes from the rock and throw them into the water. I walk up to them naked, like they wanted but now they cant keep their eyes off of my nipples and I end up riding them both hard and fast there on the edge of the water.

Dean O'Gorman stars as Fili and Aidan Turner stars as Kili in Warner Bros. Pictures' The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Movie still no 43

#1529 I want Kili to fuck me senseless, take a break, then do it again.

Yes, Kili. Whatever you say, Kili. I'd do anything for you, Kili. But I can't do it when your eyes are piercing my very soul, Kili.