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Hockey players with children! It's a must! =]..... yeah that'll be me one day;) haha or for a soccer player lol

The 31 Happiest Photos From A Hockey Win 45 Years In The Making

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I love it when little kids are up at the glass saying, "FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT." Then when someone starts bleeding there like nevermind!

Chara and Gerbe

Tallest NHL player vs shortest NHL player Zdeno Chara Nathan Gerbe holy crap that's funny!

Hilarious. The many emotions of Darryl Sutter #Kings

Everyone's picking on Darryl Sutter again. I, personally, am more of a fan of his nephew, Brandon.

Bahahaha!!!! I may not like the Redwings, but this is funny!!!!


Not Pavel Datsyuk but it is Danny Cleary and I find it funny that they call every redwing a NINGA!

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Hockey Nation ::: not sure all of that is Av's.but otherwise, fairly accurate

This is clever! I usually just get frustrated and inarticulate. "You stupid piece of ref!". What does that even mean?! lol

These are some very funny sports fan signs. These folks must stay up late at night thinking these clever sayings up. They make fun of everyt.

Most Dramatic Picture Ever. Don't know if these are canadian teams or not but it was only fitting for my canada board

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