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It happens... lol

I always tell people not to say they're on a diet. A lifestyle change or healthy eating & exercise are much better. The word diet alone fails most people.

Derby Girl Anthem..omg true statement

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Explains why the scale is not the best way to determine fitness or health. I soooo needed this. The scale has barely budged, but I know for a fact I am quite a bit smaller. Guess I can let go of my scale/weight obsession!


Taking off a sweaty sports bra after a workout. Only girls who work hard will get this. The ones that workout with their hair down, and a full face of makeup, who don't sweat. they will not fully understand.

According to this BMI chart...I am too short!

Story of my life!actually my BMI has always been high! I wouldn't worry about BMI too much unless you're considered to be in an "unhealthy" category.

Here are my best tips and secrets on how to lose weight FAST: http://www.runnersblueprint.com/ways_lose_25_pounds_weight/ #Running #Weight-loss #Fitness

51 Science-Backed Ways to Lose 25 Pounds

Go light at the beginning =)  #healthychoices #exercise #WeightLoss #lifestylechange #fitness

How I'll feel tomorrow. I'm starting in Insanity work out. for the fourth time. Hopefully this time I can complete the first month.

Yes! After dream body workout I totally am! #weilos

This reminded me of you. lol Gym humor - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!