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When they are the first and only thing on your mind upon waking, when they cause the smile that stretches down to your toes and creates the spring in your step... that's when you know you've found your person, that's when you know you've found the one. You're in love. | Me Before You in cinemas June 3.

Look, whoever you are, whatever you're doing right now, you can take 3 seconds to repost, 3 seconds, that's all it'll take. And if you're that person who would rather ignore this, and swipe onward to another post, then just ask yourself - who exactly are you? And what are you doing? And what are you going to do now? Repost. Please.

He is so funny when he answers this type of question... "What do you do in between the Marvel movies?" "Um...look for another job."

365 Happiness Project: Quote 148 never met a person I did not like, friends are different thing entirely. sotellos

It's the little things! Luv them. surprise visits, phone calls, long text convos that's also funny, postcards or cards, letters, thoughtful things or gifts, small joys, inside jokes, fun, laughter, spontaneity, references, randomosity, sharing knowledge, creativity, songs, dances, dessert, treats, food, cute errands, animals, new trails/paths, new adventures, good convos, surprise events, sweet/cool/witty/smart offbeat type of people who differ from the norm & many little moments shared.

My teacher always makes sure to have me out of the classroom when we watch an extremely violent movie because she knows i get panic attacks if i watch them

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