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black veil brides andy biersack funny so cute and small :')

black veil brides andy biersack, a fetus andy. for christmas can i just have a 16 year old andy? or any aged andy works for me,

I know I already pinned this on cute guys buut... whatever.

Andy Biersack ❤ lol that'd be me with BVB cos I keep on thinking I see them but I'm like darn u imagination!

Make me scream

What Andy says to the guys who hate on him cuz their girlfriends listen to BVB:^^^^^^^ .Wut Andy saying is true.

Black Veil Brides.

my 3 fav things together at last! Black Veil Brides, Andy Biersack, Futurama, and Batman *Wait thats 4 OOps.

Meme andy biersack- Black veil brides♡♡

He reminds me of Gollum holding the ring to himself. Only Andy is attractive. and holding a microphone

Idk but how dies andy beirsack manage to look like an emo scene kid even with a pikachu onesie on

Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon and Sleeping With Sirens. Oh so satanic. An adorable angel in a pikachu onesie is satanic.