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Since 2001, the Australian government has systematically taken away the rights of New Zealanders living on our shores. Kiwi-born Russell Crowe learnt this the hard way when he was not entitled to Australian citizenship in 2006 despite making Australia his home for many years and paying millions in taxes.

Many thousands of New Zealander's in Australia are vulnerable; living precariously, unprotected & without recourse to any kind of government support.

19-year-old Oliver Bridgeman has had his Australian passport cancelled after undertaking much-needed humanitarian work in war torn countries.

Oliver Bridgeman has had his Australian passport cancelled after undertaking much-needed humanitarian work in war torn countries.

Alice Springs Correctional Centre

Jailing four not-guilty Indigenous men with disabilities 'breached human rights'

Four intellectually disabled Indigenous men have been detained indefinitely in NT correctional facilities.

Citizenship could be stripped for damaging commonwealth property Law expert George Williams says government has ‘cast the net far too wide’ and new laws go ‘far further than involvement with Islamic State or acts of terrorism’

Citizenship could be stripped for damaging commonwealth property

The government has put forth new proposals to strip terror suspects of their Australian citizenship.

The President of the Australian Bar Asssociation says mandatory sentencing is contributing to the overrepresentation of Indigenous people in prison, calling the situation a “national disgrace”.

The Australian Bar Association has called on state and territory governments to scrap mandatory sentencing laws. Read on for more Indigenous incarceration.

With laws against everything from leaving your car unlocked to mowing your lawn outside designated hours and possessing torn or marked money, Australia has often been called 'the nanny state'.

Charlyne Cares Archives - Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.

Rather than address the underlying causes of crime, the NSW government prefers to buy more beds, build more prisons and lock more people up for longer – regardless of guilt or innocence.

Australian prisons are overcrowded, which negatively affects prisoners and costs the taxpayer. The NSW Government is providing more beds, but what will this gain?

this fear mongering isn't the solution.  Norma McCorvey (jane roe) was loved into Christianity and is now a pro-life advocate herself.  fear mongering only creates animosity.

Militant abortion protesters are dragging Britain down to America's level

Victoria proposes to introduce ‘buffer zones’ preventing pro-life campaigners from demonstrating outside abortion clinics. A necessary move, or an unjustified attack on free speech?

Misconduct beyond belief! Released after spending 7 years in a NSW prison due to lawyer misconduct.

A young man spent 7 years in prison after both the prosecution and his own lawyer failed to disclose information crucial to his defence.

Keep searching... Malcolm Turnbull confirms he has directed the Liberal Party to preference the Greens last, or behind Labor, in every seat across the country, arguing it is in the national interest.

Both major parties are supporting laws which would keep convicted terrorists behind bars after they have served their prison sentences.