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Photographer Hiroshi Iwasaki captures the graceful movement of fish as they glide seamlessly through water. With so much artistic value in his shots, it's

10 Popular DIY Ideas From Pinterest - My Modern Metropolis

10 Popular DIY Pinterest Crafts You Can Make Today

Simple, beautiful and easy: Dollar store project! Stacked glass bowls -- different color or flower in each bowl - centerpiece idea

Incredible non-photoshopped art installation and photography by Sandy Skoglund - http://www.sandyskoglund.com/

Non-Photoshopped Scenes by Sandy Skoglund Employ Surreal Sets

REVENGE OF THE GOLDFISH, © 1981 Sandy Skoglund color photograph; image area 27 X Individually hand-made ceramic goldfish by the artist, with live models in painted set.

Creatively Surreal Portraits by 21-Year-Old Audrey Simper - My Modern Metropolis

Creatively Surreal Portraits by 21-Year-Old Audrey Simper

While we've all seen surreal sculptures before, we'd put money on the fact that you've never seen quite anything like this. There's something so wonderfully simple yet striking about Myeongbeom Kim's sculptures and art installations that you're just compelled to sit back and stare.  Looking through his work, what makes it all so striking and surreal is that Kim combines man-made elements with natural ones in a way that really makes you stop and think. A tree hanging by helium balloons?…

Beautifully Surreal Sculptures

Do you have old light bulbs that are not broken? Instead of just throwing them away, you can repurpose them as some creative things. Check out this list of Creative Light Bulb DIY Ideas and try one of them.

Sleeping underwater amongst marine life is something many of us could only daydream about. For some lucky travelers, this dream has now turned into a reali

Spectacular Underwater Bedroom in Maldives

The Best Suites in the World - Conrad Maldives Rangali Island - Yes, you can fulfill this dream. This is an underwater suite that is present at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Only 20 feet of Indian Ocean is present above you in this suite.

Liquid Experiments Produce Hypnotizing Swirls of Color - My Modern Metropolis

Liquid Experiments Produce Hypnotizing Swirls of Color

A NASA Engineer Turned Artist Whose Canvas Is a Huge Fish Tank New York-based artist Kim Keever uses huge fish tanks (minus the fish) then drops in various colors of paint then photographs the.

Edouard Martinet's Sculptures (11 pics) - My Modern Metropolis

poisson 1 Edouard Martinet transforms everyday objects found in flea-markets and car boot sales into works of art. Working with a variety of refuse materials such as rusted kitchen pans, typewriter keys, car lights and other scrap metals,

My Modern Metropolis • Journalist Victoria Lautman Spent Four Years...

— Journalist Victoria Lautman Spent Four Years...

Finland-based photographer Konsta Punkka has an extraordinary gift with animals, as can be seen from his close interactions with wildlife captured on camera.