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What is Hippie Mulch Grass Color?

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Best water reduction technique: Tired of dead or brown lawn spots? Look no further! Perfect for droughts, spots made from pets and water restrictions :).

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Grass Color is TOTALLY safe!

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Trench composting fits perfectly into my crazy gardening life. It’s much simpler than trying to constantly have a pile of cooking compost.

Avoid Drought Shaming! Hippie Mulch Grass Color is a simple, do-it-yourself product to get your grass green, instantly! Hippie Mulch Grass Color is: ◦Non-toxic ◦Water-based ◦Organic ◦Containing no PAM (polyacrylamides)

Autumn leaves are starting to fall, but don't be tempted to get rid of them all. Instead, how about tidying them into a corner of your garden or a compost heap? They'll make a great home for lots of different creatures, including one of these little chaps if you're lucky! #homesfornature