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What is Hippie Mulch Grass Color?

What is Hippie Mulch Grass Color?

How to change the color of your flower pots with 2 things! #diy #paint

How to Change the Color of Your Flower Pots

You can easily change the color of a flower pot! Quick and easy diy project

20 Bizarre Animals That You Never Knew Existed animals animal animal pictures cool animals

We've rounded up some bizarre and crazy animals you never knew existed. I knew about the goblin shark, the mantis shrimp, the bush viper, the narwhal, and the thorny dragon! What about you? Elli- who the fuck didn't know what a narwhal is

Too bad the Olsen twins aren't identical, but the rest is this is interesting.

Judging by the fact they chose the FRATERNAL Olsen twins to discuss identical twins I don't know how accurate these are, but still interesting

Ground cover ideas - Golden Water Zinnia (Wedelia trilobata)

Ground cover ideas - Golden Water Zinnia (Wedelia trilobata)

Give a hoot, don't pollute

This is awesome! Give a hoot people :)


Lantana, Evergreen Groundcover of The Day

Growing with plants: Re-imagining the Dry Garden - Xeric Gardens in Denver

No rain? No problem. Look at the drought tolerant beauties at Denver's Kendrick Lake Park & Gardens.

Texas+Hill+Country+Xeriscaping | Found on texaslanddesign.com

Plants for Texas! Native plants include: Texas Sage, Autumn Sage, Hill Country Aster and Gulf Muhly Grass. The adaptive plants are Rosemary, Trailing Rosemary and Knockout Rose!