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Ghost Nebula aka Phoenix in the Stars

It looks like the Phoenix. This is the Ghost Nebula, a reflection nebula in the Cepheus constellation. It is located about 1500 light years away from Earth. Photo credit: T. Rector/University of Alaska Anchorage, H. Schweiker/WIYN and NOAO/AURA/NSF

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Image result for hubble

Black hole

In August of 2007 astronomers located a gigantic hole in the universe. This empty space, stretching nearly a billion light-years across, is devoid of any matter. A radical and controversial theory proposes that it is a "Universe-in-mass Black hole"


Behold the Horsehead Nebula, aka Barnard a dark nebula in the constellation Orion.

Ficção Científica Nebulosa  Papel de Parede

Ficção Científica Nebulosa Papel de Parede

Stargazing with a special someone on a night like this would amazing!! You know who you are ;)

Stargazing is one of my favorite things to do. I love the stars and its so nice to lay outside on a perfect night and just look at God's wonderful handiwork