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Toby Adams passed first time with us in Daren's yellow banana car! Only 4 driver faults and a test pass later, we convinced Toby to have his photo taken. He wasn't too sure so hid a little!! Well done though Toby.. Well deserved!

#saturdaysuccess Sam Clark passed car test with Daren in the yellow banana car but due to ill health, Mike took Sam to his test. One pass, one smile.. Well done!

Emma Cleverly had a FIRST TIME pass with our instructor, Paul, with Only one minor fault for Emma!

Maddie Veck passed with our lady instructor, Lianne, FIRST TIME as well!

Theo Walcot passed his test FIRST TIME as well this week with Graham. Well Done!

Then Bo took his test with Carlie. Carlie normally teaches on the lorry but she downsized this week to teach in the clio.

Sam Blake passed FIRST TIME with Mike in the Auto! Well Done!

Shannon Hughes also passed FIRST TIME with Kate at Bridlington Test Centre! Well Done!!

Haydn Suffern passed FIRST TIME! He started his lessons with Elaine but concluded his lessons with Paul. Well Done!!!

Rhianna Robinson passed FIRST TIME with Paul! Well Done!!