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7 best ways to keep Black Angelfish in home aquarium…Angelfish or freshwater angelfish is also known as Pterophyllum scalare. This fish is about inches size, this angel can be found in the Amazon Basin. The fragile fins on Black Angel Fish have transparent webbing on them. Being calm and graceful, they can adjust well and easily to other community fish on the aquarium...(continue reading please visit www.freeavuenues.com)

Setting up and stocking a tropical community aquarium can be a challenge. All fish have different temperaments, and combining the wrong ones can be quite disastrous! If you want to prevent fin nipp…

Spotted Pea Puffers. Cute but with attitude! Best in a species only tank. Ive had several of these guys and they are super fun to watch. Smallest freshwater puffer, only grows to 1 inch in size

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