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Go f yourself

Ha ha - has to be used Suggestion for you that contains sex and travel; go fuck yourself.

28 Parents who are trolls at heart....aka my future

esp the prom pics with dad in the background! The best kind of parenting. haha laughed so hard at this!

some people are just too sensitive

I would like to apologize…

I would like to apologize to anyone I have not offended. Please be patient I will get to you shortly.

Danny Kaye .. a great funny man & so talented.

paint it. Life is a great big canvas. Throw all the paint on it you can - Danny Kaye

HAHAHAHA! I"m sorry, but this is HILARIOUS! Why could I see us doing this @realtuffchick78  & @GirlWonder79 ?

Girl I'm interested in knows memes. She's a keeper

"HEY! I found your nose. It was in my business again." FROM: haha by laurel

HEY, I found your nose. It was in my business again. Seriously, mind your own business!

Sad but....

Exactly how I felt about infertility .but when I let go - WE were blessed beyond measure! Thank you for women who chose life and give women like me the chance to experience being a mother!