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✒ Percy Jackson did it in the best ways possible! Riptide...! I remember exactly what Chiron said... " Percy, I've been looking for the person who was a daughter or son of Poseidon for over 50 years! Percy, just be careful and don't die, ok? Your mother told me to promise to keep you safe, and if I don't... Well, I might be sued... AS A CENTAUR!" I think he said something like that!

Percy Jackson | best stuff. Love that. I know this reference! Used it on my aunt she got made but the she said ooooohhhhh and yhen hit me

Rome - Senatus Populusque Romanus, meaning the “Senate and the People of Rome”

Leo Valdez From Percy Jackson | calypso, leo valdez, percy jackson

kim-beurre-lait: “ When Fandoms Collide … Hermione Granger ~ Harry Potter Katniss Everdeen ~ The Hunger Games Tris Prior ~ Divergent Teresa Agnes ~ The Maze Runner Clary Fray ~ The Mortal...

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Percy Jackson camp half blood necklace, Blood of Olympus edition

Percy Jackson camp half blood necklace Blood by TotallyObsessed

Harry also: saved the sorcerers stone, can speak parsletong, defeated tom riddle and a basilisk, saved Sirius and buckbeak, survived the triwizard tournament, survived a Voldemort attack, delt with the prophecy, watched loads of people die, survived and won the battle of hogwarts. So yeah Harry's the best.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: All 5 Books in a box Set

"Putting the PJO covers in one massive mural of epicness. And yes, even the spines go together!"