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When two lions meet, how do they say hello? Lions greet each other by rubbing their foreheads together. Wolves wave their tails and lick each other's faces. With this fun and informative look at animal behavior, you can find out how various animals say hello to each other. Then... smile at, wave to, bow for, and hug your friends and family. Hello, hello!

Blue-footed Booby Dance — Now you'll know these birds are real! :D

French Grunts having a major dispute over territory

Book Description Publication Date: January 1, 1991 | Series: National Geographic Action Book Shows the movements various animals make for courtship and to protect themselves.

See what the bearded dragon does when he sees his reflection!

Meet Lemonade, the Bearded Dragon, and see how he greets a reflection of himself.

This weeks craft we made masks. Printed straight on to construction paper, kids had the choice to decorate however they likes with crayons and foam shapes and animals. With their masks on kids used other parts of their bodies to mimic animal greetings.