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They were perfect. SO perfect, if there was ONE girl I'd pick for Sam, it was this lady right here... UGH! DAMN YOU SPN WRITERS!

Souless Sam is hysterical. I love it. I love him.

Hahahaha... Oh! So Perfect. Perfect Perfect Perfect. Dean's Hair!

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Amber Heard as DeanW and Zooey Deschanel as Cas is perfect.

I will take them both on a date I don't even care! lol Dean is indeed a classy lady.

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[SET OF GIFS] 8x23 Sacrifice.. The acting in this scene was perfection

S6E12: Like a Virgin. Sam: "So what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?" Dean: "P. Diddy?" Sam: "You know, it's comforting." Dean: "What's that?" Sam: "I died for a year, came back, and you're still not funny." Dean: "Shut up, I'm hilarious."