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I Pottorff,Jc Caylen,Kian Lawley,O2L

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Community Post: The Next Generation Of Male Teenage Hearthrobs (According To Teens And Tumblr)

O2L members: Connor Franta, JC Caylen, Ricky Dillon, Sam Potorff, Trevor Moran, and Kian Lawley

Not All Heros Wear capes. Connor Franta Casper Lee Jc Caylen Jack and Jack Joe Sugg Grace Helbig Marcus Butler Zoe(Zoella) Sugg Alfie Days Dan and Phil Joey Graceffa Ricky Dillon Tyler Oakley SAM POTTORFF Troye Sivan!!!!!!!

"Hey,I'm Jc. I don't really talk much but... uh... yeah I don't like talking about myself... you can say hi if you want too" I look down

Not me i tell them oh well u WANNA WATCH ALL OF THERE CIDEOS them:umm how many is there. Me : 300 them:noooo me: lets watch adventure kking them after the vid OMG THERE SOOOOO FUNNNNNY