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What are straight white male feminists worrying about?

"What Are Straight White Male Feminists Worrying About?" By Ann Friedman

ovarian gang sign. Lady power! I love it. Word up to my fellow ovary packing peeps out there.

Sweetening The Pill: Coming off the Pill - a guide. I dig the "ovarian gang sign"

The Yeezus Pie

“The Yeezus Pie” is published by ann friedman in The Hairpin

All Belted Everything Sure, "throw a belt on it" might be the fashion-girl equivalent of "put a bird on it" — but tell us these cozy layers and cropped, Newsies pants aren't ten times cuter cinched.

Fashion Editor Styling Tricks

Why you did/did not vote

A Pie for the American People, By Ann Friedman and Mallory Ortberg

Marriage Equality Infographic

Infographic: Marriage Equality Is Now a Mainstream Value Polls Show Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage

Feminist performance art group names

Names for feminist performance art group: Clit Romney, Hail to the Queef, Red Vadge of Courage, Sex Lies & Legitimate Rape, or Cervix-a-lot.

What are we naming our feminist performance-art group?

I like Red Vadge of Courage, personally.