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- Soul Mates Maiden and Dragon Medieval Greeting Card - Blank Inside. - Features a Dragon symbol sketched on the inside flap. - Beautiful Artwork by UK Fantasy Artist Anne Stokes. - Printed in the Uni

Princess Lauralye by Selenada on deviantART. Such a stunning face with wild hair. She's not just any old princess!

pictures from Anne Stokes | Anne Stokes Corrupter at Work

Wallpaper and background photos of Corrupter at Work for fans of Anne Stokes images.

Elegant Dragon by *Ironshod

Art by Anne Stokes (Ironshod) Dragon Hatchling Egg Baby Babies Cute Funny Humor Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Dragons Wings Sword Sorcery Magic Art Fairy Maiden Whimsy Whimsical Drache drago dragon Дракон drak dragão

In Irish mythology, the Badb or Badhbh—meaning "crow"—is a war goddess who takes the form of a crow, and is thus sometimes known as Badb Catha ("battle crow"). She is known to cause fear and confusion among soldiers to move the tide of battle to her favoured side. Badb may also appear prior to a battle to foreshadow the extent of the carnage to come, or to predict the death of a notable person.

Check Out 20 Vampire Halloween Makeup To Inspire You. Vampire makeup can be a fun and easy costume to make and requires materials.

**Night elf --night elves certainly influenced the light elf (seelie) design in Ahmbren

What Mythical Creature Are You Most Like?


Amazing dragon fantasy art featuring hot girls, usually friends of the mythical creatures. Check out this amazing gallery of Girls and Dragons featuring hot girls friends with these mythical creatures.


Art by Anne Stokes (Ironshod) Vampire Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Elf Elves Sword Sorcery Magic Witch Wizard Sorceress Demon Dark Gothic Goth Demoness Darkness Castle Dungeon Realm Dreamscapes Skull Reaper

Fantasy Dimentions : Photo

Winter Fantasy Yule card by fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Dragon yule card from the Yuletide Magic Christmas card range by Anne Stokes.

See myself in the mirror. Looking back at me is a monster that I didn't know was me.

I had this idea for a gothic style angel where the wings curve round protectively in a heart shape, and she looks down in sad reflection as a petal falls from a rose. It symbolised things passing, .


female witch doctor diablo 3 wallpaper art painting for portrait of a champion…