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[Chief Iron Tail, a Sioux Indian from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show]

Born twenty years before the Civil War, Lakota Chief Iron Tail survived the Plains Indian Wars to become an international celebrity with Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West show, and as a model for the Indian Head nickel

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American History

Winnetou's sister "Nscho-tschi" in the movie "Apache Gold" (Germany 1963 ) - played by Marie Versini aka Claire Morandat

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White Wolf : Native American Powwow Tradition Celebrated in Pictures and Pride. “This spiritual ceremony quickly spread from the Omaha tribe to the Sioux and beyond, and evolved into the powwow.

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Photo called "Alone in the past" show a 1912 Ojibwa man sitting on the edge of a bluff.

Native American Medicine - History and Information

1913 photo of Cherokee Medicine Woman, No-Ah-Tuh. A medicine woman such as her guides Tsutsa, the hero of my picture book, Spearfinger.