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Fantroll! Purple-ish Magenta, i forgot the fins, Lusus: Hero Mom. Symbol: Perseus. Name: Percei Entrep. Pesterchum Handle: HeroicGorgonslayer Quirk: Says Hero alot, uses slashes, Ex: //HAH well thats awkward. \SORRY/! OH my are you ok?? Do you need a hero? :// o/ok

Fantroll, Majori Sirius Yellow blood. Symbol: Canis Major. Lusis: Great Dog. Pesterchum: CanineConstellation Quirk: all words under three letters are never capitalized, all caps (besides the 3 letter under quirk), uses - before any punctuation. Sometimes makes dog noises. Ex: WELL i DON-'T get why WE-'RE DOING THIS-, but ok-! WOOF! >:{

His quirk is every 3rd letter in a word is tripled - like his symbol which is x 3. He's an extreme nerd and adores things like soap operas.

Latona Urania is 7 sweeps old. She is a Derse dreamer, and her God Tier is Knight of Space(even though she hasn't reached it yet). She has Jadeblood, and she is a rainbow drinker. Her symbol is for the astrological Pluto. Latona's strife specibus is bladekind and her most commonly used weapon is the Vorpal Dagger. Her trollhandle is crestfallenAlchemist and she types rather sohisti+Cated for her age. (Drawn by my friend, Becca!)

this cutie patootie fantroll is my BAE

a fantroll who is hot as cheese

ok. so i have an announcement. I have TWO MORE fantrolls. now, these fantrolls were not made by me, they were made by a couple of friends and I can assure you, they were A LOT worse. like ones matesprit was sollux worse. so, I made a theory. the rareblood theory. their blood colors are silver and gold. NO, they are not higher than fef. NO, they are not royal or special, they are quite the opposite. theyre actually mentally unwell. PLEASE do not call them mary sues.

Percy's blood color, its like an indigo-ish color. I forgot what its actually called. @jinical (its the circle one not the other lines)