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I want to do this for my next project!!!! Bear's Rainbow Blanket (crochet) - the purl bee - fabulously detailed recipe, multiple sizes and color combo ideas. My future babies will have one of these!

from Lion Brand Notebook

Slip Stitch Knitting: Easy, No-Fuss Colorwork!

I want to make this one! It is a free pattern on

from Brit + Co

21 Colorful Wallpapers to Brighten Any Room

Literally just throw some watercolor on a wal. A fun way to do it would be to fill water balloons with paint and start target practice! ;)

from Traveller

Where to stay in Copenhagen

What was meant to be a back up holiday turned out a pleasant surprise! Copenhagen. <3

Knit Socks! I am working on a pair of socks from this book, but I would really like to do the pair on the front!

chat en patchwork sur papier par Quiltaholics

Cool! $1.50 - All back to fronty for fronchy knitting though - I'll hunt down some English types...


School Gate Style

I wasn't expecting this... Not a Jamie Lawson know I don't get deep on here! But for me a surprise outfit hit from a brand I wasn't expecting to be impressed by. I'll share the photos first starting with this most brilliant leopard print coat. I've been looking for a leopard coat with proper black (not brown) in the pattern for a while and this ticks the box. I also love that it has a nude/blush colour going through it as well as an off white. It's just a little bit different…

Body Talk. I am a firm believer that our bodies do indeed talk to us. But most of the time we ignore their narrative and carry on with our lives until they stop us in our tracks. I'll give you a few examples from my life so you can see what I am talking about. At the end of my first marriage I complained constantly of chronic hip flexor pain (psoas muscle). I used to go to my osteopath at the time to alleviate the pain but nothing really helped. To put it in context I had fallen out of…