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This is so very true right now! I am completely emotional with everything going on and I'm trying so very hard to be loving, kind and sensitive I swear I am.

15 things you must do in life before you die

That's right, act like a naughty child. You'll enjoy it! To feel the delight of running away after doing something you shouldn't have, is utterly enjoyable and will make you feel alive. Which is what you should feel! I'm not giving you any ideas; I'm just giving you the push, hehe. But... do not break the law! Or at least try not to.

One time Bailey (golden retriever) and I took a shortcut home through a low area of forest near a river. It was like quicksand but with mud. I sank in to my knees. It sucked one shoe right off my foot. Poor Bailey was up to her belly. Eventually we were immobilized in the pasty sludge. We thought we were goners. Knowing looks passed between us...

The icing wasn't the only thing Betty liked to spread - vintage retro funny quote