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Glass guitar pick, organic form Flameworked borosilicate glass, Beale Street Memphis

Glass Guitar Pick Aqua Wave Plectrum 2mm Tip by HappyHollowHello

Guitar Pick Pendant with Amber and Cobalt over Dab Swirls - Handmade Glass

Swirls Handmade,Handmade Glass,Glass Picks,Pick Pendant,Custom Glass,Guitar Picks,Cobalt,Amber,Dabs

Exquisite Guitar Pick Amber Purple Ether - Handmade Glass

Ether Handmade,Handmade Glass,Purple Ether,Pick Amber,Exquisite Guitar,Glass Picks,Amber Purple,Guitar Picks,Etsy Favorites

Exquisite Guitar Pick Dabbed Amber Purple - Handmade Glass

Purple Handmade,Handmade Glass,Exquisite Guitar,Glass Picks,Amber Purple,Dabbed,Guitar Picks,Etsy Favorites

Exquisite Guitar Pick Green Amber Purple Ether Honeycomb - Handmade Glass

Honeycomb Handmade,Handmade Glass,Amber Purple,Green Amber,Purple Ether,Exquisite Guitar,Glass Picks,Pick Green,Custom Glass