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Im not trying to change him . But your trying to change me all because i wont comform to what you want . And change so you can controll me . Never will i sit back and let you controll me . I was not put on this earth to take orders from you or anybody else .

Read this aloud, it will impact you deeper. Tell me, are there people in your life that you need to let go of? Be honest... are there excessive thoughts, overthinking and mental blocks that you've created for yourself? Do you agree that it's time for you to take back control? In 2017, my entire purpose is to help you look within. Every writing, every video and every book will be about YOU! I want you to realize that YOU are the source. Are you with me? -- Let's start off by reading my…

I can and I will. Watch me. - Words to live by. Motivating quotes. Forget the doubters... You can do what you put your mind to.

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I can't wait to see Karma be a bitch to those of you who deserve it, and you know who you are, the same ones who need to go back to HELL where you came from. All of you "Christians" out there. REAL Christians aren't judgmental lying bitches like you. Karma's coming for you, and you will be going back to hell where you came from!

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