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Demon's Souls Tutorial

In this video we learn the folk lore to the Demon's Souls game. A mysterious fog is engulfing the whole of Boletaria.

Demon's Souls - Shortcut in the Shrine of Storms

In this video we tackle to Shrine of Storms level 1 but before I begin I talk to the Maiden in Black to level up and to Sage Freke in order to learn some spe.

Demon's Souls | Mephistopheles

Demon's Souls - Leechmonger or Wriggling Demon's Trophy

Demon's Souls - Phalanx Boss Fight

In this video I first take on a wave of soldiers and archers who are protecting the portcullis to the Phalanx boss. By luring them one by one I make my job s.

Demon's Souls - Facing Gargoyles with arrows

In this video I attempt the Fool's Idol Archstone which is a fun and fascinating level. I begin by walking the gauntlet which has deadly drops on either side.

Demon's Souls - Rescuing Ostrava of Boletaria -  Part 2

Demon's Souls - Rescuing Ostrava of Boletaria - Part 2

Demon's Souls - The Arrow Machine and the Black Phantom

In this episode of Demon's Souls I continue my journey in the Tower of Latria.

Demon's Souls - Breaking the chains of the Heart

In the Tower of Latria we face an obstruction. The pulsating heart is blocking our pathway so we need to release it. We use an alternative route but face man.

Demon's Souls - Valley of Defilement

In this video we explore the Valley of Defilement. Before you enter this area from the Nexus make sure you are well stocked on Royal Lotus and Widow's Lotus,.

Demon's Souls - Chasing the Dragon

In this episode I learn how to fight a dragon but I quickly realise that I will need a lot of arrows or bolts.

Demon's Souls - Meet the Queen of Latria

I quickly move on and kill the liar.

Demon's Souls - Archstone of the Small King - Part 1

From the Nexus we can teleport to the Boletarian Palace. This level is called the archstone of the small king and you can watch me proceed along this level t.

Demon's Souls - Meeting the Monumental

In this video, after having defeated the Phalanx, we are back in the Nexus. I upgrade and repair my weapons and armour. We get a chance to talk to St Urbain .

Demon's Souls - Rats, a filthy woman and a troll

We begin the Valley of Defilement by the filthy woman. I head down below but the rats are overwhelming. Using the light crossbow however, I make short work o.

Demons Souls - Rescuing Sage Freke

I am looking for the keys to rescue Sage Freke and Lord Rydell in the Tower o.