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By: Diane Kashin, Ed.D, RECE. To begin with I would like to wish all the followers and readers of this blog a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! A new year is the time for reflection and resolutions. For me, 201…

What about the What? Finding the Deeper Meaning in Pedagogical Documentation

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Documentation is not pretty pictures of engaged children. Rather, it captures the thinking process: What motivated [students] to begin, continue, change direction? What were the breakthroughs, the pivotal remarks or actions? How did they solve the problem? The goal is to enable whoever reads a panel to understand what the child attempted and how they went about it, to see stimulus, process, and outcome.  -A. Lewin-Benham

MacDonald, EGallery Winter 2008 A connected Education: The Reggio Emilia Approach to ECE - article

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Documentation: Transforming Our Perspective A valuable video (15 min) which explores the value of documentation of children's learning and its role in changing the adult, the child, and the community.  This video focuses on observation and documentation from a Reggio point of view.  How do you find it differs or supports our understanding of observation in an atrium from a Montessori point of view ?

This short documentary--created as an introduction to the Documentation Studio at Wheelock College--is a conversation with several leaders of Reggio Children and…

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Pin 1. This pin depicts the principles, practices and outcomes in the Belonging, Being and Becoming; Early Years Learning Framework. Each of the principles, practices and outcomes support educators in providing quality education in the early childhood sector. Educators are able to use the framework as a guide when planning and programming activities and routines for children.

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Looking at apps that support the documentation of student learning - 'Pic Collage' can be used in many ways... from Passionately Curious: Learning in a Reggio Inspired Kindergarten Environment (",)

Passionately Curious Educators: Connecting Lifelong Learners: The Coll-APP-orative: Connecting and Collaborating Through Apps

Making Your Environment “The Third Teacher” - Early Childhood ...

Making Your Environment The Third Teacher - Early Childhood [a concept first coined by Loris Malaguzzi and practiced in Reggio Emilia schools]

View of the Teacher from Kallista Kindergarten "..as partner, nurturer, guide and researcher - website portal ≈≈

View of the Teacher from Kallista Kindergarten ".as partner, nurturer, guide and researcher - website portal ≈≈