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bird flight flapping animation step-by-step                                                                                                                                                      More

admiration-and-inspiration: Making a short animation gif for today’s Pokedex meme today so I’m stockpiling resources. Flight Cycle of a Bird picture from this article [X] More Bird in Flight Cycles and Anatomy [X] Animation Timing [X]

Canal by andatsea #art #illustration

Gorgeous Digital Art by Loika

3 days march: a portfolio of illustration and more by Loika (Yan Qin Weng).

Charlie, the parrotlet, puts coins in his treasure chest. Gif.

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Tiger's Drawer: animation

Art and animation of Kaisa Pirttinen

새, 움직이는그림, gif ,새gif, 꽃gif

새, 움직이는그림, gif ,새gif, 꽃gif