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Leopard Drinking By Carlos Leiros

Great animal photography - Drinking Leopard reflected in pool - Carlos Leiro has some beautiful pictures - check his boards out!

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2233

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Stunning Cheetah - Night Stalker SOLD - Sally Maxwell, master scratchboard artist on imgfave

Night Stalker by Sally Maxwell. "All of the cheetahs I've seen are in preserves in South Africa, so I have not been able to view their true nature.


A white tiger going after a piece of meat underwater - Photography by Eldad Hagar !

And you wonder why one swipe from this BIG cat can kill? Just look at the shoulder. More power than we can imagine.

One of the Most Beautiful Big Cats; Clouded Snow Leopard Found in the Himalayas.

OMG!!!!!!    The US Fish and Wildlife Service declared the Eastern Cougar officially extinct March 2011.

Eastern Cougar - Officially extinct Wednesday March 2011 (The US Fish and Wildlife Service declared) Sad. One at a time.

Yes can I help you? Grrrr it's rude to stare!

"A leopard does not change his spots." - Latin Proverb, However when judging one must know it is a leopard they are looking at.

Leopard with Cub | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Leopard with Cub, Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa -- literally my favorite place in the entire world.


Life on Earth on

North American mountain lion, cougar - earth-song: by Süha Derbent

Yeni Ikasari: Google+

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adoro i felini

Puma (cougar, mountain lion, wildcat - depending on which part of the US) is so beautiful!

Late Night Randomness (24 Photos) - Suburban Men - November 23, 2015

Late Night Randomness (25 Photos)

Beautiful Creatures of Nature. Out of africa. Living on the wild side. Out of a tree