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As the growth of MOOCs accelerates, the field is rapidly fragmenting. In the beginning MOOCs were either classified as xMOOCs (content oriented) or cMOOCS (process oriented). This is changing and many MOOCs are a combination of both or have taken on their own structure. What influence will this have on MOOCs in the future?


Confessions of a MOOC Reviewer

#‎MOOCS‬ and their limited success shows learning is more than knowledge transfer. We are complex social beings. #Happonomy


Les points forts des communes et intercommunalités : tous les graphiques interactifs

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Sans connexion en classe, je ne peux pas...

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How do MOOCs compare?

Meanwhile, as I still do several MOOCs in parallel I am trying to think about the kind of criteria:The Platform ProviderFundingThe SubjectAudienceChampionsObjectiveBrandPlatform (Technical features)CostProductionInstitutionWhat next? | Easy MOOC


Créer un blog à la maternelle: présentation en carte mentale

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Demystifying the MOOC

Two new books look at the phenomenon of MOOCs, online courses from prestigious universities, most of them free and enrolling throngs of students. An essay in Education Life excerpts one of them.