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As the growth of MOOCs accelerates, the field is rapidly fragmenting. In the beginning MOOCs were either classified as xMOOCs (content oriented) or cMOOCS (process oriented). This is changing and many MOOCs are a combination of both or have taken on their own structure. What influence will this have on MOOCs in the future?

from Washington Post

What in the world is a MOOC?

What is a MOOC? Joao Mattar

MOOCs and the Future #Future #MOOCs #Infographics

Major Players in the MOOC UNiverse - Infographic from the accompanying article: "MOOC Your Way to a New or Improved Career."


Connectivism and MOOCs

The Development of Connectivism and MOOCs (Diagram) | Mark Smithers via @Juan Miró Farnós

E-Learning: Europäisches Scoreboard für MOOCs: 345 MOOCs in Europa Ende Oktober 2013: Open Education | Open Education Europa


Berlin's iversity wants to play 'evangelist' for MOOCs in Europe

Βερολίνο: Ποιο είναι το μέλλον της Ανοιχτής Εκπαίδευσης στην Ευρώπη; -

A look at specific MOOC courses and % of students who completed them. free-online-course-MOOC-completion-rate-infographic


MOOCs: "el concepto"

Hola: Compartimos una interesante infografía sobre “¿Qué son los MOOC?” Un gran saludo.   Elaboración: Néstor Alonso   También debería revisar: E-learning – Lo que es y lo que…