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As the growth of MOOCs accelerates, the field is rapidly fragmenting. In the beginning MOOCs were either classified as xMOOCs (content oriented) or cMOOCS (process oriented). This is changing and many MOOCs are a combination of both or have taken on their own structure. What influence will this have on MOOCs in the future?

What in the world is a MOOC?

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Through Stanford massive online course, students across the world learn how to interpret data

Through MOOC, students learn how to interpret data. About 16,000 students around the world are taking Statistics in Medicine, a free massive open online course offered through the university's platform, OpenEdX. Among them is Santa Barbara middle school math teacher Tracy Womack.

Connectivism and MOOCs

A diagram of the influences on the development of connectivism and MOOCS that also shows the influence of connectivism and MOOCs on subsequent developments. | E-Learning-Inclusivo (Mashup)

E-Learning: Europäisches Scoreboard für MOOCs: 345 MOOCs in Europa Ende Oktober 2013: Open Education | Open Education Europa

Massive Online Open Courses - are they a good thing or are they potentially harmful? It depends on which side of the fence you are standing. This infographic, which includes I Programmer as one of its sources along with the New York Times, the Guardian, Hack Education and the Huffington Post, aggregates some facts and figures and reviews some of the viewpoints expressed, which are both positive and negative.

Berlin's iversity wants to play 'evangelist' for MOOCs in Europe

As interest in massive open online courses (MOOCs) expands around the world, overseas startups like Berlin-based iversity want to take on American MOOC providers Coursera, edX and Udacity. | Easy MOOC