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would anyone miss me

Self-portrait - Ahn Jun - Ahn Jun titled Self-portrait, for which she…

He told me, "suicide takes you to hell" That night I kicked the chair screaming, "oh well"

//I'm always here for anyone if you need me. Trust me I know what it's like. I want to help you all because you don't deserve to feel like this is the way out. It's a horrible feeling//

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I'm sorry for everything I've done to you all. You think I'm better, and I'm glad. Actually, it's worse, but I've gotten better at hiding it. Every day I wear a mask, especially for you, and it's worth it! Because i love you!!

don’t expect a ‘perfect’ response – it is always better to make human contact than to stay isolated and alone with your thoughts.

I am always here for you guys you never need to worry about me judging you and I will try to help as best I can. Love you guys. xx

I love venting. I love listening to people vent. It proves that all people have sucky days no matter how good there over all life is.


The dark road that never ends. It twists and winds. The light is fading, not a star in sight. Just the darkness and the madness . With a demon by my side.

Depression quotes. Me.

I can't handle feeling this way. I pray every night that one day I will recover. But I guess I have to keep praying cause it stings - BG


Reminder to all that growing up doesn't mean you stop doing stupid fun childish things, it just means you also have to pay bills

HOW i feel sometimes

Let me remind you that you are ALL beautiful. You are you, and a sincere girl is the most beautiful in the world. I know it hurts because I've been there myself, just push through.