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Illustration by Crow God

"My work is a combination of drawing and sculpture . Using a wire line both to describe and to suggest form and texture , and to evoke character ." wire sculptures by Thomas Hill

illustration, animal, bird, crow, raven, mouse. Arthur Rackham

: Lindsey Kustusch

Community Post: 42 Truly Haunting Pieces Of Art

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Reaper Armor Inspiration RavenHammer Dwarves. (Added by Karpathian)

pokerdemonos: Marshland Crows by GorosArt

Why is this metal creature waiting here? What has it done? Why is it on its own?… More

Birds are a metaphor for Pia throughout much of Origin, so this immediately made me think of her!

Princess Coraline Woolfwood. With the raven that would become the princess anchor.

Bran the Blessed - Celtic God of Rejuvenation and Protection, Lord of Ravens. He died protecting modern-day England, but his severed head continued talking and giving advice for several months afterward. When it at last stopped, it was buried in the White Hill, where some say the Tower of London stands today. According to folklore, that is why ravens still guard the Tower of London.