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How to boost your self esteem. lol How to boost your self esteem. lol How to boost your self esteem.

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No self-tanner here.:

I know too many dorito girls. Or maybe just too many girls who look like they had their hands in the doritos bag (spray tan)

Oh, what you see when someone shifts your paradigm ; )


I didn't before, but now I can't see anything else, damn it! Some things you just can't unsee!

Where is Chuck Norris?


Typically I can't stand Chuck Norris jokes, but this is hilarious.

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Well played, Google. Well played.

You have to do this on your phone and only my OCD friends will understand!

Yup...I've done that before ;)

Lol So True Quotes(AGAIN!)

For real, 11 year olds with "it's complicated" as their relationship status?

I don't agree with the sharks aren't so bad, but this made me laugh.

Well now that you put it that way...

Funny pictures about Sharks Aren’t Really That Bad. Oh, and cool pics about Sharks Aren’t Really That Bad. Also, Sharks Aren’t Really That Bad photos.

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I hate voicemails. I don't have a voicemail box for this reason. Either text me or I'll see that you called and call back when I get a chance.

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When people see you lying down with your eyes closed they still ask: "Are you sleeping?" "NO, I'M TRAINING TO DIE.


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every day of my life.

lying in bed, wondering if it's worth it to get up and pee. - the truth of all of my mornings.