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Robert Plant of LedZeppelin and Iggy Pop - Whiskey a Go Go, Los Angeles…

Blog expressing characteristics of the 60's scene in California. Domenic Priore’s Personal Weblog » Blog Archive » Finding Love, Losing Hate: The Marina Palace, Seal Beach

Cream at the Whisky (a -go-go only we had dropped that part by now) - Sept 1967 - Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, Cali

Led Zeppelin aboard their private jet, "The Starship", 1973  http://www.justleds.co.za

Led Zeppelin aboard their private jet, "The Starship" - 1973 what a freaking bad ass jet!

I would rather be surfing a wave of fire and jammin out to some rather  than listen to anything else!

Rock ‘n’ roll is the Devil's music Beware the hypnotic voodoo rhythm, a reckless dance down the Devil’s road of sin and self-destruction leading youth to eternal damnation in the fiery depths of hell!

- jazzyfarmer:   Julian Wasser | Sea Witch, Los...

– View showing the Sea Witch Club located at 8516 W. Sunset Boulevard, just a couple of doors east of Dino's Lodge. The sign by the front door reads: "Straight Jackets", which was the house band from 1964 to

Joan Jett Rockin'Out

Sexy Girl Electric Guitar Players

Joan Jett Rockin'Out

The Doors - Riders On The Storm - New Stereo Mix Advanced... - nouhailler's posterous

The Doors - Riders on the Storm converted from 440 hz to 432 hz. sounds fuller and nicer on the ear whereas sounds thinner. 432 Hz touches the fu.

Burl Ives- Monument and Family Grave Site...Jasper County Illinois  was the voice of sam the snowman in 'Rudoplh'

Burl Ives- Monument and Family Grave Site.Jasper County Illinois was the voice of sam the snowman in 'Rudoplh' Also sang a cute song called 'Ugly Bug Ball'

Not so much the U2 part, but the lyrics part and the stamped part.

Artwork by Nancy Barch features acrylic paint, found papers, collage elements, fabric and image transfers on canvas, sometimes paper.