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Easily clean gutters and siding from the ground Specially cut cleaning pads conform to the specific siding or gutter profile on your home, removing dust, dirt, chalk, pollen, spider webs, mold and mildew stains. Full surface contact and the unique texture let this System do the work for you safely from the ground.

Two adjustable heads aim Light where you want it The motion sensor of this Battery-Powered Low-Profile Security Light automatically turns on eight super bright LEDs when movement is detected within 26'. Two fully adjustable LED heads can be independently positioned to direct light anywhere it’s needed. With its small footprint and low profile design, the Light is easy to install in a small space.

Floor to Ceiling Revolving Shoe Tree -$64.95- Each tier holds 6 pairs of men’s or women’s shoes. Tiers spin independently so you can easily see and select the pair you want. Revolving Shoe Tree holds 36 pairs and works with ceilings up to 9 feet high.

USB Wall Plate Charger -$17.95- Everyone will want one! Add USB ports to your wall outlets, no wiring required Easily add two USB ports to any existing wall outlet by simply plugging in this USB Wall Plate Charger. The unique design allows you to charge two mobile devices at once while leaving one three prong outlet available for use. The bottom USB port supplies a steady 2.1 Amps to charge iPad’s and all other heavy electrical drawing tablets.

Large Console Cushion -$17.95- Cushion your console. Most center consoles are not padded, are too low or just plain uncomfortable. Our Console Cushions are made with 100% visco-elastic memory foam and offer much needed comfort to your console, while still permitting access to the storage area below. The durable, stain and water-resistant micro-fleece cover can be removed for cleaning.

Restore the clarity of your headlights Remove years of fading and oxidation from the exterior surface of acrylic headlights with this easy to use headlight restoration kit. This easy to use kit takes less than fifteen minutes to apply and the results will last for years. Your restored clean and clear headlights will illuminate further down the road increasing your visibility to oncoming traffic while giving you more reaction time for road hazards.

Eliminate odors instead of covering them up This versatile Odor Eliminator pouch contains a safe, porous, natural mineral that absorbs many types of unpleasant household odors, including smoke. It will also reduce bacteria related to moisture and mildew. Simply place one under the seat of your car, in a closet, or hang it from your basement rafters with the included hook to eliminate gas fumes, moisture, smoke, etc.

Basement Finishing Tips

Warm Up Cold Floors With Heating Cables - 14 Basement Finishing Tips:

Removes weeds and sifts soil The sharp forks and serrated edges of the Easy Weeder effortlessly cut through soil to uproot and remove weeds and unwanted grass. Small openings in the scoop allow soil to pass through but filter out weeds and debris. Ideal for applying and mixing fertilizers while cultivating the soil.