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С наступающим Новым 2014 Годом!!! :: X- bquockhanh - Middle-East Beauties in Portraits (Cont.) - Buscar con Google

that which is lost to her. (seawater staining her skirts, she sinks her fingers into waters she once called home.)

Georgia O'Keeffe... such an amazing artist of seeing thru the subject as well as a strong woman.

The eighteenth century monied male was often a peacock, eager to display his taste and wealth, and fond of lavishly decorated or patterned fabrics, and bright striking colours. The usual outfit remained the three piece suit of coat, waistcoat and breeches until 1800, when trousers began to replace breeches. Fashionable suits were usually plain woollen facecloth for practical urban or rural wear; woven silks for more formal evening occasions; and highly trimmed and embroidered silk satins and…

Spiced Clementine Star Topped Mince Pies | hippopotamousse


Recycled Bottle Top Xmas Decoration

This is so simple and would put those hundreds of milk bottle tops that lie around my house to good use! Start collecting now! (Only works with semi-skimmed!)



I can't be true to my "My Generation" board without paying homage to ALF.

J. M. W. Turner *Three Seascapes* circa 1827. Isn't it Turner one of the best painters of all time?

Word of the day: APRICITY: n. The warmth of the sun in winter.

Dark Side of the Record Store., ghostlywatcher: Edinburgh, Scotland.