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quincy jones and bill cosby | junctioned: April 2011

Gay power. Black power. Women power. Student power. All power to the PEOPLE. [queer, lesbian, gay, LGBT, equal rights]

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David Bowie’s “Heroes” Cover Shoot: The Outtakes

David Bowie's Heroes cover shoot: outtakes

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Brace yourself, finals are coming (26 photos)

Did you know? Studying in segments is better than marathon study sessions. Use this technique to study better.

Bork Bork No Doggo | tumblr, true, doggo, bork - Is a first dog or doggo counts…

This is a great setup waiting for a tarp to go over the top and sides, these get surprisingly warm with very little heat needed. Raised bed to get you off the ground and let the cold air drop below you and it puts you closer to the roof where there's more heat.

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The ultimate summer holiday bucket list

100 summer activities

I ate healthy and exercised today. I better fuckin' wake up skinny... | Cry For Help Ecard