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Simple eyes that will help over dramatize a face to bring out emotion. . . these are mostly used on Anime characters.

thepinkhairedpixie: [ source ] I need this in my ref tag, decided to post it

How+to+Draw+Anime+Lips | How to draw anime girl mouth pictures 1

UL WILL FOREVER BE THE BEST ICE MADGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ELSA DIDNT GIVE UP HER OWN LIFE TO SAVE THE POEPLE SHE CARED ABOUT, DID SHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!<----- Ur is the most amazing ice madge and no one will ever convince me otherwise

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken One-Eyed Ghoul

danisnotonfire and amazingphil drawn like adventure time

perfect and true. esp the last point :)

Si quelqu'un vous a menacé ne dites pas "pourquoi moi?" dites "essayez moi"

How interesting, and terrifying, the world would be if we had anime expressions :)