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I Simply Cannot Believe This Disgrace of a Human Was Elected to Anything, Let Alone President of America!

I have a right to grieve over what I didn't get that I needed or what I got that I did not want or need.

No chance your would ever take responsibility, just blame it all on me you weak pathetic piece of pond scum

Everyone has struggled I have no understanding for the weak with no real problems .... I've seen suffering in my Life...some people don't know what real suffering is, I've seen the poor with no water , food, home and more ... Suck it Up Buttercup Quit your whining pathetic weak ass!!

Learning To Say No and Why Its Important

Not saying no when you wish you had can be poor for you and your anxiety. Learn why its important and how to say it when you want to.

33 Powerful Books That Can Help With Your Depression

"Harry Potter saved me more than once, and I can’t thank J.K. Rowling enough."

It's funny being an adult still having "friends" that can't be honest. Life is short. Why waste any time lying about your true feelings?

The Pathological Liar

Narcissist/Sociopath/Psychopath, call them whichever but they are all basically the same carbon copy of a disordered individual in a spectrum that goes from bad to worse. Pathological Liars, Mind Gamers, Morally Corrupt, Cheats, pretty pathetic. Emotional 2yr olds in adult pkg. The first clue is something undefinable always seems "off' in your interactions with them.

Usually a very long time for me.