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Berlin 1945 (18 photos)  http://bit.ly/2gaYf2n

Berlin 1945 -' The Beetle' was designed by Adolf Hitler as the "people's car" hence, Volks-wagon.

trans antarctic expedition

Strange Historic Photos From Antarctica and Other Kingdoms of Ice-A Tucker Sno-Cat balanced precariously over a crevice, during the Trans-Antarctic Expedition,

January 18, 1967: A life-size imperial mammoth is towed behind sculptor Howard Ball’s 1958 Volkswagen for installation at La Brea tar pits.

A life-size imperial mammoth is towed behind sculptor Howard Ball’s 1958 Volkswagen for installation at La Brea tar pits on Jan. ° I'm surprised that Volkswagen could pull that thing!

Wolfsburg c 1946

Life magazine pictures showing a row of driving through a part of the factory still damaged from the war.

A street in immediate post-World War II Berlin

World War II by Konstantin Zalesskiy This is what Hitler brought to Germany.

OG | 1938 Volkswagen / VW Beetle | KdF-Wagen Prototype VW38 with sunroof

1938 Volkswagen ~ KdF-Wagen Prototype with sunroof

German women doing their washing at a water hydrant in a Berlin street, near the wreck of a German light armoured car, 3 July 1945. Germany Under Allied  Occupation (BU 8609). Imperial War Museums.

German women doing their washing at a cold water hydrant in a Berlin street. A knocked-out German scout car (Sdkfz stands beside them, 3 July



Historical pictures #photography

Historical pictures<<< fun facts: In the picture of Ronald Reagan visiting Russia, Putin is the man with the striped shirt, and the one with Lennon and Che is fake, Che's head with photoshopped on Harrison's body.

••WAR is Stupid•• everyone always loses • Allies devastate Berlin 1945, Oberwall Strasse • the human race/species & humanity lose each time! • save 1 life, you save the Universe! • via kristine at Flickr 5862223687

German citizens sifting through piles of rubble which fill the streets looking for wood & other useful items while clearing debris along Oberwall Strasse, where some of the most bitter fighting for control of Berlin took place.

public domain photos

Train accident - The Montparnasse derailment occurred at 4 pm on 22 October 1895 when the Granville–Paris Express overran the buffer stop at its Gare Montparnasse terminus - Paris, France