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simple and subtle book covers, I like the use of a different shade of the colour of the book cloth, thinking about using a similar idea for my project book cover

The Humanities: Why Such a Hard Sell? by David J. Ferrero. In our efforts to help students achieve economic success, let's not ignore the personal and civic goals of schooling. "Has the study of history, literature, art, and ideas—what we commonly call the humanities—outlived its relevance?"

I had committed to share the full contents of the book Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology . Here it is. Also ...

Invasion of Privacy Are you worried about how to present what may be personal yet newsworthy details in a news story? Do you have a question about other privacy claims, like intrusion upon seclusion and publication of private facts?

I"ve been published in #makingmusic member publication talking about making music accessible to everyone with physical disabilities. I love playing in my band it has made such a difference to my life. Sharing information about living with a #disability and making things accessible to people with disabilities is a key part of my #work. My disability is invisible but it does impact my life considerably although for the most part you wouldn't notice it. So I am proud to have written this…

Midwest Dirt by Nathan Pearce (7/8

I think that this project will go on for as long as I am alive and in the Midwest. As long I making work about it I will continue to print it in zines and books too. I have a few plans for new publications about the work that I intend to publish this year. The Midwest is important to me because it is my home. Im not sure if folks who dont live in the rural Midwest have much of an idea about what its like here. In my experience it is a strange and many times beautiful place and it will always…

Since Oct. 2009, I've been the copyeditor of the e-magazine "10,000 Couples," celebrating positive, healthy, committed same-sex relationships and advocating for equality for the entire LGBT community. Since about a year and a half ago, I have also had the opportunity to write an article each month for the publication; at the site, look for the section called "Someone You MUST Know."