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Obstacles to Grace Melt Away. When I don't resist, I am in grace. My individuality expands to universality. | “To live a life of gratitude is to open our eyes to the countless ways we are supported by the world around us.” ― Gregg Krech. *. DAY 7

I dont know how long I was in the water for. I had a broken ankle, and probably sone broken ribs. The reason behind this? Suicide. I attempted to end my life. I heard someone near by, and I moaned. (Im the girl, be the person coming to find me. Open rp)

I picked on the whims of a thousand or more, still persuing the path that's been buried for years. All the dead wood from jungles and cities on fire can't replace or relate, can't release or repair. Take my hand and I'll show you what was and will be.