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Young Annie Lennox

Young Annie Lennox

Don't forget the hot women dressed in men's clothing.

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Annie Lennox from the band Eurythmics is known for her humanistic activism as well as her beautiful voice and commercial success. She is considered a gay icon and widely known for popularizing an androgynous style.

Annie & photography - Annie Lennox

Annie & photography - Annie Lennox, holy shit she's hot!

Makeup, Annie Lennox, 2/12/14, www.nelepaya-elya.livejournal.com

makeup Annie Lennox, I love the focus on the pinks and purples, and the placement of the rouge

Annie Lennox, this is how I first saw her on the 80s music show Razzamatazz. thought she was so cool

Eurythmics Exhibits

'Sweet Dreams' and 'Tell Me Why' are iconic songs. And her name itself is also epic. She is so sexy, remember I used to slick my hair back, and wear men's suits, got a lot of funny looks haha even back then didn't give a shit !

Annie Lennox, who received the British Red Cross' Services to Humanity Award in 2008, dedicates much of her time to raising awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. Lennox believes everybody can do something to help those affected by AIDS in Africa. She is especially supportive of what she calls “Laptop Activism”, and runs many of her charity initiatives through the internet.

Seventeen years after the release of her solo debut, a new collection of greatest hits finds Annie Lennox in a reflective mood, looking back at her long night's journey into day.

Annie Lennox: 'New album might be my last'

Annie Lennox: 'New album might be my last'

Because Annie Lennox's Into the West is one of the most beautiful songs in all of creation.

"Sleep now, dream of the ones who came before. They are calling from across a distant shore. Across the sea a pale moon rises, the ships have come to carry you home." Into the West.